Thursday, July 19, 2012

I ate lunch today at a nude beach with one of my favorite chemists.  Just a standard day at the office...distill some solvents, mix some chemicals, try not to stare at the parade of man meat walking by.

In between mentally encouraging the ONE hot guy at the beach to take off his shorts and avoiding the old men wearing nothing but shoes and a backpack, we discussed biking, mountain climbing, rock climbing and sea kayaking.  I made the statement that I would like to call myself hardcore by the time I reached 40.

But there are so many different levels and definitions of hardcore...How would I know when I had reached "Hardcoreness"

Compliments of Urban Dictionary:

Someone who rides their bike all the way to the store just to get a can of Special Pepsi.
Paul Miller's father is so hardcore
(What is Special Pepsi...? Clearly I am not that hardcore)

Compliments of Mike Griffith:

Doing mundane activities to the point of causing personal injury.
Mike ate a baby carrot so hardcore that it scratched his throat causing him to lose his voice for 2 days.
(True. Story.)

Compliments of Jennifer Griffith:

After completing an activity/challenge/adventure, you stop and say to yourself "WOW!"
Jen and Mike are on a quest to become hardcore...awkwardly.


  1. Good one! Can't wait to read more hardcore stories :)

  2. Compliments of Laure:
    Hardcore: (1)Taking a bottle of Malibu to a party so you can sneak off and drink it because there is a possibility that the party (or bar) does not have enough booze for you; (2) putting up your skirt because you feel that it's restricting your dance moves and you don't care who is around.

    1. HAHA!! You never know when a bottle of drinkable sunscreen will come in handy. At my birthday skating party I wised up and brought a flask of tequila to keep in the truck. I also brought a tuperware of lime wedges. Just trying to keep it classy.

    2. I love where your head is at! That is a huge step up from drinkable sunscreen. Its nice to know we get wiser with age when it comes to our hidden drinking habits (<--AND that makes me/us sound like we are alcoholics...)