Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hardcore in Training

Here is a huge shout-out to my five year old "hardcore in training" nephew, Grandin!

Mike and I went hiking (shocker) on Sunday with Dan (brother-in-law), Mel (his kick ass GF), Michael, Bentley, Allison, and Grandin (four of the five kids).  We drove out to Baring and hiked 1.3 miles to Lake Dorothy.

The trail was great!  Boardwalks, bridges, stairs, trees-a-plenty and sun.  Little Grandin made that trail his bitch.  He powered up it, never complaining, and even wearing a pack for part of it.  He even fashioned himself an ice axe (a stick bent in half) so he could be just like his Uncle Mike.

When we got to the lake we spent the afternoon swimming, catching bugs, and eating food.

Catching small fish in a sandwich bag

Swimming to the rock

Grandin didn't disappoint and managed to add a touch of awkwardness to the adventure.

While lunching we heard water hitting a rock...we turned around to find Grandin peeing uphill on a rock.
"What are you doing?!?!"
"I'm making a pee waterfall.  I like pee waterfalls."

The kid is honest.  But seriously...who doesn't enjoy a good pee waterfall.  
This hiking trip also reassured me and Mike that we could have kids someday and still enjoy our awkwardly hardcore life.

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