Buckets and Beers

Greetings from Fish Tail Brew Pub in Everett, WA!  Jen and I are sampling beers and talking bucket list.  This bucket list has to be hard core with high potential for awkward moments.

1. Summit major peaks in Washington State - there are 89 of them, we'd better get started. 

Jen: Let's BBQ oysters this weekend.
Mike: Should we go collect them ourselves?
Jen: How does one collect oysters?
Mike: Don't you have to scuba dive or something?
Jen: [google] Apparently you just walk along the beach and collect them.
Mike: Well we should scuba dive for them anyways
2. Scuba dive for "oysters"

3. Eat a banana in all 50 states.

Jen: We should go skiing somewhere cool.
Mike: Yeah, like in the alps or something. 
Jen: I will only ski in the alps if we can sing the theme song to The Sound of Music.
4. Ski in the Alps "The Hills are Alive" style.  

5. Run a marathon and live to blog about it.

Jen: Running with the bulls is so cliche, we should run with the goats.
Mike: We are NOT running with the goats, where would this even happen?
6. Run with goats.  Note: Must buy goats

7. Climb to Mt. Everest base camp (and live to blog about it).

Mike: We definitely need to bike somewhere!
Jen: Yes!  Don't they do a naked bike ride down in Portland?
Mike: .......
8. Bike the STP (clothing optional)

9. Home brew beer with hops from the garden

We will continue to add to the Bucket list because I can guarantee that there will be more beers to fuel the discussion.

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