Ahhh...that's the good stuff

1. BBQ oysters and wine.  But not just a couple of oysters and glass of wine, that wouldn't be hardcore.  We are talking a dozen oysters each, a bottles of wine (each), sitting outside under a string of white lights, listening to jazz on Pandora and petting Butters.

2. Driving/Riding in the Oldsmobile.  All of the windows are down, the sun is out and Sublime is in the CD player.

3. Boundary Bay. A giant plate of imperial nachos, a vegan tofu sandwich with potatoes, two glasses of Scotch Ale and laughing with our Bellingham friends.

4. Quiet night at home. Snowed in (with power), a roaring fire, a large supply of red wine and an intense game of Scrabble.

5. Zac Brown Band. Live at the Gorge, with our good friends, beers-a-plenty and singing along to Chicken Fried.

6. Nature. The peaceful quiet of being out in nature.  Whether it is on a mountain, on a trail, in a boat on the water, or in the woods there is no work emails to answer, no television shows that NEED to be watched or responsibilities to attend to.

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