Monday, September 24, 2012

Hardcore: A person who steals free things

Today I have an embarrassing burglar alarm story for you.

My friend Christina and I call the shoplifter alarm in stores the burglar alarm.  I'm not really sure why we call it that, but I'm not really sure why we do a lot of things...

Like why we did we dress up in my old dance costumes and feather boas and have photo shoot?

30th Birthday photo shoot. Photograph by Mike Griffith photography

You just can't explain fabulous.

So, today I went to UBC Library to get a new book to read.  I ran up two flights of stairs, grabbed the book, ran back down two flights of stairs, and then left the library without checking out the book.

I guess I should say I "tried" to leave the library without checking out the book.

To exit the library you have to pass through a burglar alarm and then push through a gate.  BUT if you pass through the burglar alarm with a stolen book, the gate won't open.  This results in the book thief falling over the top of the gate.  If that wasn't embarrassing enough an alarm also goes off.  An alarm in a library is SO LOUD.  But UBC libraries didn't stop there, they included a flashing red light.  OH. MY. GOD.

I ran to the self check, and broke the Canadian record for fastest library self-check.  I told the librarian it was my first day.  Really it is my 1,825th day...but who is counting.  


  1. BWAHahahahaha!! Best story ever! Was it 50 shades of grey? And you were too embarrassed to check it out?

    (And "Mike Griffith Photography" HAHAHA!!)

    1. No, but that is another embarrassing story. When I was reading 50 shades of grey I was unaware that it was popular and that EVERYONE knows that it is mommy porn. I was totally walking around campus and the chemistry department reading it! EMBARRASSING! No wonder I got so many odd looks.