Thursday, October 11, 2012

Home Invasion

Have you heard this song yet?  Better yet, have you watched the video?  It is a must see.

Thankfully, I know what is hip and happening.  Don't judge...but I just downloaded the song from iTunes.  Mike made me do it.  Ok, that is a lie.

On to more important things, I have a mouse...or maybe it is a giant nasty rat, or an adorable squirrel.  All I know is that last Tuesday I opened the front door the find the contents of my nut-mix bag spread all over the kitchen, and the bag had a hole chewed through it.  The hilarious/sad thing is that I wasn't the first one of my roommates to find the mess.  One of my "challenged" roommates had already been home.  But instead of concluding that we had a rat/mouse, she just wrote a note on the fridge that said, "Clean up your mess".  Fucking brilliant.  Yes, train wreck of a roommate, I came home, chewed a little hole in my food bag and then flung its contents all around the house.  And then I went over to the window and pooped little black turds all over the place.  Caught me!
I don't know what made me more mad, the fact that I had to deal with getting rid of a rodent or that I live with people who are too stupid to realize we have a rodent.

I know exactly why we have a rodent too.  UBC is full of "brilliant" students, and I am surrounded by them.  A couple of weeks ago I saw my "brilliant" neighbor lining her window ledge with various nuts and delicious goodies to feed the squirrels.  Carrie Bradshaw said it best, "it's just a rat with a cuter outfit!"  I walked away shaking my head thinking, "now we are going to get rats".

Weird, I was right...I guess I am just one of the brilliant ones (no quotations).

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  1. We had mice...Dan was our exterminator. I would tell you how he did it, but he made me stay in the may or may not have involved a mag light.