Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eastbound and getting down

Our August travel plans included a teeny tiny road trip to Twisp to visit Mike's mom.  We packed the car with Monster Rehab energy drinks, sunscreen and wine and headed over the mountains.

We stopped in Winthrop and had lunch at Schoolhouse brewery.  Perfect lunch location!  We got a table under the shade of a tree next to the river, and started sampling the beer menu.  Apparently, there is three beer maximum because we were promptly brought our check after ordering the third.  Weak.  So, we snapped some photos and moved on.

Tina and Mike

We decided to "hike" to a waterfall.  After a 20 minute drive and a 3 minute walk up a paved path we arrived at our waterfall.

Mike decided to go for summit.

Work that booty

I stick to the important practicing my glamor shots in front of boulders.

The weather was HOT that weekend!  To stay cool, we sat in the garden (with the sprinklers on) and sipped on margaritas.  That night we laid on the side of the road and watched the meteor shower.  So cool, the stars were so bright!  As soon as a meteor would streak across the sky we would all hoot with excitement.  Only one car drove by, and my immediate response was "they are probably going to murder us".  My next thought was, "no, they probably think we are going to murder them, because who in their right mind lays on the side of the road".
Unfortunately it was a short trip and we had to head home the next day.  We took a quick dip in the river, stopped for lunch at Sun Mountain Lodge (I so want to vacation there), and headed back to 'the coast'.

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